Single lever / dual action control to operate both throttle and shift.
Suitable for any type of boat with outboard engine or sterndrive units.

• Enables easy and safe shifting by preventing accidental gear engagement unless engine is idling
• Provided with an easy adjustable brake tension release system
• Push-in button for throttle operation in neutral (engine warm-up)
• Lock in neutral trigger to prevent accidental ingaging
X41 (with IP67 Protection) and X48 optional neutral safety switches available to prevent in-gear starting
• Exceeds EN ISO 11547 standards when X41 safety switch is installed
• B110 ETC (Electronic Throttle Control) available upon request
• Center console trim switch thumb operated
• For use with Ultraflex C2, C8 and MachZero control cables
• Ultraflex C5 and Mach5 cables require the K74 connection kit
• Ultraflex C36 and Mach36 cables require the K75 connection kit
• Ultraflex C14 and Mach14 cables require the K76 connection kit

Label Value
Lever Single Lever
Lever control Dual action control
Assembly Center control Side Mount
Application outboards, sterndrives
Version Fully mechanical
Adjustable friction Provided
Engine warm up button Provided
lock-in trigger Provided
Power trim switch Provided
Kill Switch Provided on the KS version
X41 Neutral Safety Switch - with IP67 Protection Optional
X48 Neutral Safety Switch Optional
Lever Stroke +/-95°
Control cables C2, C8, MACHZero,
Control cables that require a connection kit C5, MACH5 (K74); C36, MACH36 (K75); C14, MACH14 (K76);

Model Part Number Description
B110B 39367S Black, with trim, with no kill switch
B110W 43521Y White, with trim, with no kill switch
B110B/KS 43522A Black, with trim, with kill switch
B110W/KS 43523C White, with trim, with kill switch
X41 38130F Neutral Safety Switch - with IP67 Protection
X48 43527L Neutral Safety Switch
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