Compact i21 VSD Smart

Compact i21 VSD Smart

Self-contained-VSD air conditioners 21.000 BTU/h max output.

Self-contained-VSD air conditioners provides the best of the existing technology: compressor with brushless DC motor and inverter that constantly controls speed and delivered cooling power (Variable Speed Drive); reverse blade brushless fan; electronic expansion valve.
• Constant Flow technology fan (i10 and i16 only)
• Twin Rotary compressors
• 21.000 BTU/h max output.

The compressor continuously changes its running speed depending from ambient and set temperature. The compressor operates at maximum power to cool rapidly the cabins, but reaching the set temperature, it reduces the power and electric consumption. In this way it maintains the optimal comfort level with the minimum consumption. The inverter works between 20 and 100 Hz.

Self-contained-VSD VELAIR units meet EMC 2004/108/EC directives.

Label Value
MODEL Compact i21 VSD 230 V
Cooling capacity range 7000 - 21000 BTU/h
Power supply voltage 1 PH 230V - 50/60 HZ
Power consumption cooling (max) 6.1 A @ 230 V
Protection 15A
Cable size (min) 4 mm2 (230V)
Max air flow 800 m3/h
Air exit duct (for max capacity) 3 x Ø 152 mm - 3 x Ø 6”
Min. opening for return air grill 800 cm2
Min. opening for supply air grill (recommended) 400 cm2
Min. seawater flowrate 20 l/min
Dimensions WxHxD mm (") 730x445x323 (28.7x17.5x12.7) Measures including electric panel
Weight kg (lbs) 40 (88.2)

Model Part Number Description
Compact i21 VSD 230 V 24765WW Compact i21 VSD Smart 230V - 50/60Hz
Compact i21 VSD 115 V 22571WU Compact i21 VSD Smart 115V - 50/60Hz
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