Integra JS™ – Electronic Power Steering Systems

Integra JS™ – Electronic Power Steering Systems

Integra JS™ adds to Integra EPS the Joystick technology for precise low speed manoeuvring and driving comfort, facilitating docking and trailer procedures as the boat can move sideways, diagonally or spin on its own axis.

Integra JS™adds to Integra EPS™ functionalities a new level of manoeuvrability, thanks to the Joystick technology

• Integra JS™is a more intuitive way of driving. Designed for low speed manoeuvring, the Joystick grants precision and driving comfort and facilitates docking and trailer procedures as the boat can move sideways, diagonally or spin on its own axis
• Integra JS™ Joystick includes several functions: Boost function used to momentarily increase engine rpm if you need instant thrust, Heading function, that gives the ability to maintain the set course, Mainstay function, to maintain boat position via GPS connection and the Trim function.
• Redundant electronic steering system, a reliable way to reduce steering effort, tuning your driving and enhancing steering experience.
• Powerful output, great efficiency and quickest response in any situation, thanks to the brushless motor of the pump unit and to the electronic management
• Extremely silent
• Very low amperage
• Veratron® colour display
• Customizable driving mode: the user can choose between Autocruise and Autosport driving mode
• Autopilot direct interface with Garmin® Reactor™ 40 Steer-by-wire and Raymarine® EV – 2 SBW
• Easy installation, thanks to the simplified configuration and the CAN bus connectionn system.
• Customizable wheel effort.
• Wheel effort is programmed to change with engine RPM.
• Tilt range of 48° and 5 locking positions, thanks to the X52 tilt mechanims
• Easy boat handling, thanks to the adjustable speed sensitive turns lock to lock
• The pump unit is available in 2 versions to choose from, based on the selected application: UIP (High Power electro-hydraulic power unit) and UIPC (Compact electro-hydraulic power unit) and can be positioned anywhere on the boat
• It’s possible to have a no tie-bar configuration, using two motor pump units
• Automatic Power Selector to ensure optimal voltage
• Designed for single, dual, triple or quad outboard engines
• Available for multiple steering stations applications
• It can handle up to 4 engines with a single power unit
• Heavy duty steering cylinder with embedded CAN bus position sensor


Integra JS™ – Components

UIP Electro-hydraulic power unit
UC120E heavy duty hydraulic cylinder with integrated sensor
UC120P-OBF heavy duty hydraulic cylinder port side for multiple engine applications
Tie bar according to the specific application
 KIT OB-SVS hydraulic kevlar hoseswith pre crimped fittings
CAN Bus wires Can Bus power wires
KBD3 Purging kit with twin spiralled hoses with connectors (optional)
OL460 3 litres hydraulic oil bottles

Label Value
Operating voltage 10,8 V - 14,4 V
Max. current draw 60 A
Temperature range -25°C / +77°C
Nominal voltage 12 VDC
Max. flow 4,8 l/min @ 60 bar (cw and ccw) - 2.14 gal/min @ 870 PSI (cw and ccw)
Relief valve 120 bar - 1740 PSI
UIH1Tilt mount electronic helm
UJSIntegra JS™ joystick
UGW Integra JS™Gateway
X52adjustable steering wheel tilt mechanism
UID Veratron-VDO color display

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