T72FC Rotary Helm – Dual Cable

T72FC Rotary Helm – Dual Cable

This rotary steering system is fast to get connected and easy to be installed with a planetary gear design. Minimal feedback, 3.8 approx steering wheel turns lock to lock

 Planetary Gear Design

• Fast connect, simple installation
• All stainless steel cable output ends
• Corrosion resistant materials
• Standard 3/4″ tapered shaft
• Minimal feedback
• T72FC  steering system is not to be used on boats equipped with engines that exceed the maximum horsepower rating of the boat
• For boats faster than 50 mph our hydraulic steering systems are recommended
• Optional steering wheel
• Engine connection kits
• Exceeds EN 28848 safety standards
• Exceeds ABYC P17 safety standards

Label Value
Installation 90° or 20°
M66 steering cable stroke 228 mm (9")
Lock-to-lock steering wheel turns approx. 3,8
Max. steering wheel diameter 406 mm (16")
Min. steering cable bend radius 200 mm (7.9")

Model Part Number Description
T72FC 38868K Dual cable steering helm
X34 36654B Black bezel, 90° mounting
X34W 40654C White bezel, 90° mounting
X91 42850N Chrome plated bezel, 90° mounting
X35 36655C Black bezel, 20° mounting
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