T88NR Rack & Pinion Helm

T88NR Rack & Pinion Helm

• Easy and safe steering: patented anti-feedback G88NR helm eliminates the continuous load on the driver caused by the propeller torque
• All stainless steel cable output ends
• Made exclusively in corrosion resistant materials
• Standard 3/4”tapered shaft
• T88NR steering system is not to be used on boats equipped with engines that exceed the maximum horsepower rating of the boat
• Optional steering wheel
Engine connection kits
• Exceeds EN 28848 safety standards
• Exceeds ABYC P17 safety standards

Label Value
TM86 stroke 210 mm (8.2")
Installation 90° or 20°
Lock-to-lock steering wheel turns 3,5
Max. steering wheel diameter 420 mm (16.5")
Min. steering cable bend radius 200 mm (7.9")

Model Part Number Description
G88NR 39419J Anti-feedback helm assembly
X34 36654B Black bezel, 90° mounting
X34W 40654C White bezel, 90° mounting
X91 42850N Chrome plated bezel, 90° mounting
X35 36655C Black bezel, 20° mounting
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